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First Name Last Name Title Department Location Phone Email
Carol Abohatab Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science / SSHAPE
Dan Abrami Adjunct Faculty Applied Sciences
Ulysses Acevedo Adjunct Faculty Ethnic Studies
Rosario Acoba Custodian Custodial
Madeline Adamczeski Faculty Chemistry
Nargis Adham Adjunct Faculty Physics
Jan Adkins Adjunct Faculty English
Alexis Aguilar Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Martin Aguilar Adjunct Faculty Machine Technology
Mary Ann Aguirre Adjunct Faculty Health Services
David Ahlberg Faculty Mathematics & Science
Meleana Akolo Adjunct Faculty Anthropology - Humanities and Social Science
Jill Alban Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Scott Alkire Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Frederick Allen Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Andrea Aloe Adjunct Faculty ESL
Patricia Alvarez Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Claudia Amador Academic Services Analyst Counseling
Lorelyn Ancheta Administrative Secretary Student Affairs
Joe Andrade Facilities Manager Custodial & Grounds
Kenneth Andrade Adjunct Faculty Music
Mary Andre Adjunct Faculty Cosmetology
Maritez Apigo Faculty Language Arts
Kathleen Araki Program Assistant Veterans Resource Center
Ludivina Arias Custodian Facilities (408) 390-6119
Paul Arnao Adjunct Faculty ESL
Kathryn Arnold Adjunct Faculty
Toshio Asai Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science - Psychology
Karen Aten Adjunct Faculty AJ (Humanities and Social Science)
Jeffrey Austin Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Christina Avila Adjunct Faculty Communications Studies
Devin Aye Faculty Kinesiology
Gina Bacigalupi Adjunct Faculty Biology
Waylon Baker Faculty Communication Studies
Blake Balajadia Director Student Activities & Development
Ahmed Banafa Adjunct Faculty Engineering
John Banks Adjunct Faculty Math
Roxie Banks Faculty Cosmetology
Kathleen Barzegar Lead Clinic Nurse Health Services
Maria Basile Adjunct Faculty Dance
Ken Baurmeister Adjunct Faculty Social Sciences
Rosemary Bautista Adjunct Faculty Health Science (EMT)
Jabria Baylor Job Development/Placement Specialist Business & Workforce Development
Judith Bell Faculty Art
Lauran Bell Adjunct Faculty
Juana Bello Melesio Custodian Custodial
Roseann Berg Adjunct Faculty Biology
Michael Berke Faculty Language Arts
Louis Bermudes Adjunct Faculty Construction Technology
Dana Bernstein Adjunct Faculty History
Maria Beronilla A&R Lead Coordinator Admissions & Records
Shemiran Betelieh A & R Assistant Admission & Records
Savita Bhagi Adjunct Faculty Math
Ranjana Bhatnagar Adjunct Faculty Early Childhood Education/Humanities & Social Science
Jonali Bhattacharyya Lead Faculty Digital Media Arts
Joseph Biagini Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Angelica Bintocan A & R Coordinator II A & R
Mitali Biswas Adjunct Faculty English
Shelley Blackman Librarian Library
Michelle Blair Faculty English
Rufus Blair Faculty Sign Language/Humanities & Social Science
Audrey Blumeneau Adjunct Faculty Art
Gabrielle Boles Adjunct Faculty Language Arts - ESL
Leigh Bolton Adjunct Faculty Medical Assisting
Kellie Bornhoft Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Duane Bozic Instructional Lab Tech II P. E. / Athletics
Kristen Brackett Adjunct Faculty Medical Asst
Agnes Brady Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
John Branlund III Adjunct Faculty Machine Technology
Mark Branom Faculty Computer Applications, Computer Information Systems
Jaskiran Brar Adjunct Faculty Cosmetology / Esthetics
Elaine Bredl Adjunct Faculty Language Arts - Reading
Jessica Breheny Faculty Language Arts
Raymond Brennan Adjunct Faculty English
Ingrid Brook-Kothlow Adjunct Faculty Humanities
Duane Brooks Adjunct Faculty Business
Holly Brosius Adjunct Faculty Humanities and SS
Kathleen Bruga Adjunct Faculty PE
Adrian Buenrostro Adjunct Faculty Foreign Language
Johnny Bui Adjunct Faculty Applied Sciences
Gary Burce Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Sara Burkhamer Adjunct Faculty Communication Studies
Tenaya Byrd Adjunct Faculty Ethnic Studies
Joanne Cabanilla Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Armida Cabello Adjunct Faculty Cosmetology
Lucinda Cabral Adjunct Faculty Language Arts - ESL
Jose Cabrera Faculty Chemistry
Brian Cadieux Adjunct Faculty Business & Workforce Dev. - Real Estate
Jessica Canales Sr. Division Admin Asst. Business & Workforce Development
Cassidy Cannizzaro Adjunct Faculty SJCC Business & Workforce Dev - Iron Workers
Dong Mei Cao Faculty Language Arts
Thuy Cao Counselor Counseling
James Capurso Adjunct Faculty Communications
Carley Carbin Adjunct Faculty Sign Language
Kaleen Carimbocas Adjunct Faculty Psychology
William Carlson Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Marisela Carranza Adjunct Dental Assisting
Tanya Carrell Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Patricia Carson Adjunct Faculty Accounting
Tanesha Cartwright Adjunct Faculty Cosmetology
Pauline Casper Adjunct Faculty Social Science
Susie Castaneda Adjunct Faculty Work Experience
Michael Castro Enrollment Services Coordinator Admissions & Records
Brittney Cathey-Adams Adjunct Faculty Photo/Art
Alexis Cattivera Adjunct Faculty English
Diana Challis Adjunct Faculty Physical Sciences
Mary Chambers Adjunct Faculty Accounting
Pooi-See Chan Adjunct Faculty Biology
Elsie Chandler Adjunct Faculty ESL
Javier Chapa Faculty English
Edgar Chavarria Instructional Lab Tech II Chemistry
Carlos Chavez Counselor Counseling
Gurdeep Chawla Adjunct Faculty SJCC - Accounting
Lilly Chen Adjunct Faculty English
Tina Chen Adjunct Faculty English
Justine Cheng Business Services Coordinator Business Services (408) 288-3753
Lezra Chenportillo Counselor Counseling
Binh Cheung Adjunct Faculty Machine Technology - Business & Workforce
Michael Cheung Adjunct Faculty Social Science
Lila Chiem Counselor Counseling
George Chow Adjunct Faculty Accounting
Oliver Christen Adjunct Faculty Physical Sciences
Tom Chu Adjunct Faculty Machine Tech
Lan Chung A & R Technician Admissions & Records
Deborah Clarke Adjunct Faculty Social Science
Justin Coburn Adjunct Faculty History
Graciela Cochran Faculty Math
Matthew Cochran Information Technology Support Specialist CTSS
Luis Coelho Groundskeeper II Grounds
Allison Connor Adjunct Faculty Costume Shop
Carlton Connor Faculty Physical Education
Mary Cook Adjunct Faculty Humanities/Social Science
Susan Cooper Adjunct Faculty ESL
Leslie Corona Adjunct Faculty History
Armando Corpuz Adjunct Faculty Admin of Justice
Joe Cota Adjunct Faculty Applied Sciences
Jesus Covarrubias Faculty Humanities & Social Sciences
Adrian Crawford Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Jean Crawford Adjunct Faculty Administration of Justice
Lawrence Crawford Adjunct Faculty P.E.
Philip Crawford Adjunct Faculty Admin Of Justice
Lara Cray Adjunct Faculty Math
Catherine Creech Adjunct Faculty Biology
Jonathan Cronan Faculty Applied Science
Linda Crotty Adjunct Faculty Library
Celia Cruz-Johnson Division Dean Language Arts
Mary Cruz Adjunct Faculty Theater
Farideh Dada Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Meiko Daire Counselor Counseling
Tina Dang Counselor Counseling
Ann Daniel Adjunct Faculty Biology
Debolina Das Health Office Assistant Student Health Services (408) 288-3108
Sanhita Datta Faculty Biology
Tracey David Adjunct Faculty Esthetics - Cosmetology
Dee Davis Administrative Secretary Academic Affairs
Yadira De La Riva Adjunct Faculty Theatre Arts
Emanuel Dean, Jr. Adjunct Faculty Construction / CET
Hazel De Ausen Research Analyst Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness
Barry Del Buono Adjunct Faculty Sociology
Mai Le Del Buono Faculty Social Science
Eugenia Del Rosario Faculty Cosmetology
Peter D'Eliscu Faculty Biology
Mary Denham Counselor Student Accessibility Services
Sandra Desousa Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Perlita Dicochea Adjunct Faculty Ethnic Studies
John Digby Adjunct Faculty Iron Workers
Lisa DiGirolamo Faculty Biology
Chi Dinh Adjunct Faculty Business and Workforce Development
Richard Dipietro Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Michael Divinia Faculty Mathematics
Patricia do Carmo Faculty Language Arts
Kyle Dobrenz Adjunct Faculty Construction
Edna Dolatre Faculty Dental Assisting
Sanjay Dorairaj Faculty CIS
Sherry Dorfman Adjunct Faculty Admin of Justice
Aneta Drazkiewicz Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Shireena Dubey Mental Health Counselor Health Services 40829821813275
Jason Dupler Adjunct Faculty Kinesiology
Elena Dutra Counselor EOPS/CARE
Carol Easter Faculty Digital Media Arts, & Arts
Stephen Eckstone Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Marlise Edwards Adjunct Faculty English
Bobby Joe Ellis Adjunct Faculty Kinesiology
Arthur Elsea Adjunct Faculty CIS
Jude Eneigho Adjunct Faculty Biology
Heidi English Adjunct Faculty Psychology
Susan Erickson Adjunct Faculty HSCI / Business & Service Careers
Zerrin Erkal Adjunct Faculty ESL
Yesenia Escobar Mendoza Counselor Counseling
Sarah Escobedo Adjunct Faculty Dance
Melody Esfandiari Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Rosemarie Espinoza Faculty EOPS/Care Cal/Works
Carla Esquivel Magana Program Specialist Counseling
Odile Estrella-Dilsworth Adjunct Faculty CIS
Sorena Faravashi Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Avid Farhoodfar Adjunct Faculty Physics
Dion Farquhar Adjunct Faculty English/Lang. Arts
David Feiler Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Eric Feldman Adjunct Faculty Theater
Linda Ferrell Faculty Accounting
Rachael Fields Adjunct Faculty English
Timothy Finch Adjunct Faculty Health Science
Gary Fisher Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Matthew Fitzgerald Adjunct Faculty Biology
Elizabeth Flores Adjunct Faculty Counseling
Jose Flores Adjunct Faculty Social Science
Julio Flores Counselor EOPS
David Flynn Adjunct Faculty Applied Science and PE
Enjoli Flynn Adjunct Faculty English
Frank Fortino Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Nicolas Fraire Adjunct Faculty Physical Education
Judith Francisco Library Assistant Library
Valerie Frankel Adjunct Faculty English
Debbra Franklin Library Technician, Senior Library
Christopher Frazier Faculty Mathematics
Ikuko Fukui Faculty Foreign Language
Joyce Fukuman Inst. Lab Tech II Applied Science
Patricia Gairaud Adjunct Faculty ESL
Lisa Galdos Adjunct Faculty Admin of Justice
Rhianna Gallagher Adjunct Faculty Photo
Jacqueline Gamboa Adjunct Faculty Ethnic Studies
Juan Gamboa Faculty Ethnic Studies
Rebecca Gamez Faculty Foreign Language
Ashley Garcia Casas Adjunct Faculty Language Arts - ESL
Hilario Garcia Program Coordinator Student Activities & Development
Michael Garcia Facilities Maintenance Worker Maintenance
Silvia Garcia Adjunct Faculty Language Arts / Foreign Language
Valentin Garcia Counselor General Counseling
Terri Garland Adjunct Faculty Photography
Daniel Garza Director of Marketing & Public Relations President's Office T-403
Barbara Gasdick Adjunct Faculty ESL
Margarita Gasparyan Biology Lab Coordinator Biology
Elizabeth Gebhart Adjunct Faculty Journalism
James Gensheimer Adjunct Faculty Journalism
Aron Geronimo Lead Custodian Custodial
Rossette Ghanen Adjunct Faculty Construction Department
Peiman Gheibi Tutoring Center Coordinator Tutoring Center
Shelley Giacalone Faculty Communication Studies
Lauren Gilbert Adjunct Faculty Library
Carla Golder Adjunct Faculty Arts & Humanities
Denis Golubev Adjunct Faculty Business & Service Careers
Maria Gomes Custodian Custodial
Fabio Gonzalez Counselor/Coordinator EOPS
Sandra Gonzalez Campus Personnel Coordinator Academic Support
Nicholas Goodwin Adjunct Faculty English
Edward Gorginian Adjunct Faculty Business & Service Careers
Nirmal Gosavi Adjunct Faculty Biology
Walter Gough Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Michelle Gregor Faculty Humanities/Social Science
Dedrick Griffin Faculty English
Anne-Laure Grigsby Adjunct Faculty ESL
Ivey Grozier Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Gerald Grudzen Adjunct Faculty Philosophy
Nisha Guha Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Angela Gullerud Coordinator, College Fiscal Services Business Services (408) 831-3165
Adela Gutierrez Adjunct Counselor SAS
Daniel Gutiérrez Digital Design, Marketing & Web Coordinator Marketing & Public Relations T-403 (408) 288-3198
Debra Guzman A & R Technician Admissions & Records
Susan Haas Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Niloufar Hadei Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Rachel Hagan Counselor Counseling
Vic Hageman Adjunct Faculty Applied Science
Sabrina Hagmann Counselor Counseling
Dan Haley Adjunct Faculty English
Lee Hall Adjunct Faculty Applied Sciences
Nathaniel Hallinan Adjunct Faculty Biology
Webb Hamilton Adjunct Faculty ESL
David Hammerbeck Adjunct Faculty Humanities
Philip Hanasaki Adjunct Faculty Sociology
Veronica Hand Adjunct Counselor Metas / Counseling
Paul Hankamp Adjunct Faculty Biology
Kathleen Hanson Faculty ESL
Lamel Harris Division Dean Kinesiology & Athletics
Emanuela Harris-Sintamarian Adjunct Faculty Humanities
Veronica Harris Counselor Puente/Athletics
Kanoko Hashimoto Adjunct Faculty Japanese
Kathleen Haven Adjunct Faculty ESL
Christopher Hawken Vice President, Administrative Services Administrative Services
Russell Haynes Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Michele Heemskerk Instructional Lab Tech III Dental Assisting
Charles Heimler Faculty English
Homayoun Hekmatpanah Adjunct Faculty Applied Science
Leigh Henderson Adjunct Faculty Theater
Krista Hennig Adjunct Faculty Biology
Felicia Hermle Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Esperanza Hernandez Adjunct Faculty Admin of Justice
Manuel Hernandez Adjunct Faculty Construction Technologies
Mario Hernandez Adjunct Faculty Admin of Justice
Lisa Herrington Adjunct Faculty Political Science
Monica Herzi Adjunct Faculty Language Arts Division - ESL
Wendy Hiller Adjunct Faculty Theatre Arts
Grant Holder Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Sandra Honesto Faculty Cosmetology
Kim Hoopingarner Contracts Assistant Business & Workforce Development
Bonnie Hsia Adjunct Faculty English
Yiyun Huang Adjunct Faculty Physics
Jonathan Hubbard Adjunct Faculty Biology
Trena Hudson-Davis Adjunct Faculty FCS
Samuel Huerta Adjunct Faculty Kinesiology Wellness
Deborah Huntze Faculty Athletics/PE
Crystal Hupp Adjunct Faculty History
Karen Hurst Faculty Math & Science
Cindy Huynh Faculty Ethnic Studies
Ha Huynh Adjunct Counselor Counseling
Demetria Iacocca Adjunct Faculty ADS
Scott Inguito Faculty English
Frances Jackler Adjunct Faculty Psychology
Alam Jahangir Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Nanda Jain Adjunct Faculty Math
Russell Janes Adjunct Faculty Construction Technology
Linda Jimenez Coordinator, Business Services Business Services (408) 288-3768
Alan Johnson Faculty Administration of Justice
Kent Johnson Adjunct Faculty Biology
Inderdeep Kahlon Adjunct Faculty Medical Assisting
Jagrup Kahlon Faculty Medical Asst
Mansour Kalantar Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Jerry Kauffman Faculty Construction Tech
Prabhjeet Kaur Faculty Biology
Manika Kaushal
Rebekah Keck Adjunct Faculty Health Science (HSCI)
Franci Kendrick Adjunct Faculty Social Science
Julie Kennedy Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Dhan Khadka Adjunct Faculty Physics
George Knittel Adjunct Faculty Social Sciences
Philip Kobylarz Adjunct Faculty English
Jodi Kokoletsos Adjunct Faculty Dental Assisting
Saneet Koppikar Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Olga Kovaleva Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
Heidi Kozlowski Faculty English
Warren Krause Adjunct Faculty
Irina Krylova Adjunct Faculty Biology
Takeo Kubo Director Financial Aid
Vandana Laal Adjunct Faculty ECE
Scott Laczko Adjunct Faculty Communications
Shawn Lahr Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Jose Lara Custodian Custodial
Iyun Lazik Faculty Chemistry
My Phuong Le Adjunct Faculty Physics
Thuy-Nhu Le Adjunct Faculty Biology
Margarete Leclerc Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Julinda LeDee Articulation Specialist Counseling SC - 216-O (408) 288-4171
Daisy Lee Adjunct Faculty ESL
Terence Lee Faculty Biology
Lu LI Engineering Instructor Engineering
Steven Lin Adjunct Faculty Music
Yelena Lipilina Faculty Cosmetology
Lisa Little Interim Academic Services Tech Academic Affairs
David Lomax Faculty Applied Science & Technology
Lisa Long Adjunct Faculty Construction Technologies
Raul Lopez Moran Custodian Custodial
Alejandro Lopez Counselor METAS
Andrea Lopez Sr. Division Administrative Assistant EOP&S
Maria Lopez Custodian Custodial
Thiphavanh "Priscilla" Louangrath Supervisor, Business Services Business Services (408) 288-3773
Leland Lowe Adjunct Faculty
Bing Lu Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
Devorah Lucas Adjunct Faculty FCS
Joe Lugo Jr. Instructional Support Asst., Subject Lead Computer Applications
Joyce Lui Dean Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
Clem Lundie Faculty Computer Information Systems
Christopher Mabie Faculty Environmental Control Technologies (HVAC)
Ciaran MacGowan Faculty Multi-Media
Jeffrey Mancilla Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Emily Mandy Financial Aid Coordinator Financial Aid
Padma Manian Faculty History
Christopher March Faculty Machine Technology
Timothy Markowitz Adjunct Faculty Biology
Wendy Markowitz Adjunct Faculty Biology
Jose Marte Instructional Lab Tech III Math and Science
Theresa Martin SAS Counselor / LD Specialist Student Accessibility Services (SAS) SC-106I 40829821813884
Xiomara Martinez Outreach Recruitment Coordinator Student Activities & Development
James Maughn Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Amber McCall Faculty Humanities & Science
Kevin McCandless Faculty Math
Robert McCoun Adjunct Faculty Machine Tech
Gail McElroy Adjunct Faculty Journalism
JoAnn McGowan Interim Academic Affairs Supervisor Academic Support
Jennifer McGuire Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Huimin McKinlay Adjunct Faculty ESL
Dennis Meakin Adjunct Faculty Business and Workforce Development
Haide Medeiros Custodian Custodial
Luis Medeiros Groundskeeper II Grounds
Melissa Salera SAS Interpreter SAS 40829821813960
Jose Mendez Adjunct Faculty Construction
Donna Mendoza Faculty Drama
Morgan Mentz Faculty Ethnic Studies
Stacy Messenger Assessment Specialist Counseling
Brandon Miller Adjunct Faculty History
Chad Miller Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Scott Miller Faculty Business & Service Careers
Margarita Mitevska Adjunct Faculty ESL
Mehrdad Mohebi Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Cwen Monichon Adjunct Faculty EMS / Business & Workforce Development
Taylor Montiel Library Technician LRC
Toni Moos, MD Medical Director Student Health Services (408) 288-3724
Olga Morales-Anaya Counselor Counseling
Paula Morgan Adjunct Faculty Dental Assisting
Deborah Moy Adjunct Faculty Applied Science
Margaret Muench Faculty ESL
Yumiko Muneishi Adjunct Faculty Japanese
Vanet Murawsky Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Coordinates Facilities (408) 288-3701
Fátima C. Murillo Program Specialist METAS Center and Promise Program M-104 (408) 288-3724
Juan Murillo Supervisor Custodial
Chikako Naito Adjunct Faculty Foreign Languages
Jennifer Nestojko Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Tuan Ngo Counselor Counseling
Ann Nguyen Adjunct Faculty Library
Be Nguyen Adjunct Faculty Foreign Language
Cac Nguyen Adjunct Counselor Counseling
Chau Nguyen Adjunct Faculty Foreign Language
Kim Nguyen Faculty Chemistry
Patricia Nguyen Faculty ESL
Thu Nguyen Faculty Biology
Tu Nguyen Grants Accountant Business Services (408) 288-3271
Tuyet Nguyen Instructional Lab Tech I Math & Science
Young Nguyen Supervisor CTSS
Mary Nino Adjunct Librarian Library
Azatullah Noori Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Dieterich Nurnberg Adjunct Faculty Kinesiology / Physical Education
Chynna Obana MESA Program Director Mathematics and Science M-101 (408) 288-3107
Terri Oberg Faculty Physical Education
Elias Olague FF&E Coordinator Facilities FM&O (408) 288-3755
Beatriz Orozco Coronado Adjunct Faculty Communication Studies
Teresa Paiz Director of Admissions & Records Admissions & Records
Gayatri Pal Adjunct Faculty Math & Sciences
Juan Palafox Custodian Custodial
Ralph Pardo Adjunct Faculty Mathematics
Daniel Parent Adjunct Faculty Applied Science & P.E.
Sophia Partida Financial Aid Specialist III Financial Aid
Nirali Patel Adjunct Faculty Psychology
Shamal Patki Adjunct Faculty Biology
Lucy Perez Adjunct Counselor Metas / Counseling
Alla Petrosyan Adjunct Faculty English
Diana Pham Adjunct Faculty Medical Assisting
Phu Pham Adjunct Faculty Business & Workforce Development
Anthony Pino Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Wendy Pio Faculty Dental Assisting
Maria Plancarte Counselor Metas/Counseling
Felipe Ponce Adjunct Faculty Ethnic Studies
Elias Portales Faculty Admin of Justice
James Potterton Faculty Psychology/Social Sciences
Rajeswari Prabhakaran Adjunct Faculty Physics
Elizabeth Pratt Vice President Academic Affairs
Maria Quinonez Custodian Custodial
Tait Rafat Faculty Physical Ed & Athletics
Hasan Rahim Faculty Math & Science
Admir Ramic Sr. Division Administrative Asst. Athletics
Carol Ramirez Faculty Cosmetology
Oscar Ramirez Custodian Custodial
Yesenia Ramirez College Facilities Coordinator SJCC Business Services
Matthew Rancourt Instructional Lab Technician II Applied Sciences
Lucas Randall Faculty Math and Science
Gui Ren Adjunct Faculty CIT
Anita Reyes Faculty Theatre Arts
Monette Reyes Faculty ECE
William Reyes Counselor Counseling
Elisse Reyna Case Manager Health Services
Lani Rhynes Staff Assistant III Cosmetology
Todd Rhynes Information Technology Support Specialist CTSS
Stacy Richardson Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Gabriela Rios Faculty Mathematics
Elena Riviere Adjunct Faculty Reading
Doug Robb Faculty Athletics/Physical Education
Monique Rodarte Sr. Division Admin. Asst. Language Arts
Ariel Rodeo Systems Administrator CTSS
Andres Rodriguez Faculty Ethnic Studies
Mauricio Rodriguez Adjunct Faculty Music
Tiffany Rodriguez-Tran Outreach/Recruitment Specialist Student Activities & Development
Evelyn Rojas Instructional Support Program Coordinator Writing Center
Carlos Rojo Faculty Biology
Patricia Romero Sr. Division Admin Assistant Enrollment Management
Gina Ronzano Counselor EOP&S
Ian Ross Adjunct Faculty English
Wendy Rouse Adjunct Faculty History
Kristen Ruano College Curriculum Coordinator Academic Support
Eduardo Rufeisen Adjunct Faculty Humanities & Social Science
Alline Ruiz Staff Assistant II Counseling
Edina Rutland Associate Director Student Accessibility Services
Adrienne Sainten Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Corinne Salazar Administrative Secretary Administrative Services
Niloofar Salehi Adjunct Faculty Math & Science Division - Chemistry
Arnold Sanchez Ordaz Adjunct Faculty Psychology
Carolina Sanchez Quinones Custodian Custodial
Laura Sanchez Faculty Psychology (408) 288-3785
Malkiat Sandhu Adjunct Faculty Social Science
Moisey Sandler Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Gabriel Santiago Articulation Officer Counseling
Janice Sapigao Faculty English
Jennifer Schriber Adjunct Faculty Biology
Kidane Sengal Faculty CIS
Joell Serrano Program Specialist Counseling
Ganapathy Shankar Adjunct Faculty Business & Workforce Development
Merylee Shelton Faculty Communication Studies
Nahid Shojaei Substitute Instructional Lab Tech II Biology
Nathapong Shugan Adjunct Faculty Language Arts Division - ESL
Dimitri Simanovski Adjunct Faculty Laser Technology
Novella Simonson Faculty English
Ranjan Singh Adjunct Faculty Admin. of Justice
Shiva Singh Adjunct Faculty Math & Science
Azar Sioshansi Faculty Mathematics
Joy Sledge Adjunct Faculty Ethnic Studies
Jessica Smay Faculty Math & Science
Kenneth Smith Adjunct Faculty Dental Assisting
Sherri Smith Adjunct Faculty Biology
Yevgeniya Sokolenko Faculty ESL
Patricia Solano Faculty Math & Science
Cynthia Solem Faculty ESL/English
Anuradha Soman Faculty CIS
John Song Faculty Chemistry
Melanie Starz Adjunct Faculty EMS (BWD)
Stephanie Stepp Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Beverly Stewart Counselor Counseling & Matriculation
Jitka Stodulka Faculty Dental
Jeannie Stokes-Cobb Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Misty Stroud Division Dean Mathematics and Science
Joel Stryker Faculty Math & Science
Madhavi Sudarsana Faculty Early Childhood Education
Sydney Sukuta Faculty Laser Technology
John Swanson Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Gerald Takahashi Adjunct Faculty Health Science
Leslie Takei Faculty ESL
Gregory Tanaka Adjunct Faculty Business
Georgi Tatarski Adjunct Faculty Medical Assisting
David Taylor Adjunct Faculty Biology
Maria Tcha Program Specialist Counseling
Francisco Tello Faculty English
Rowena Tomaneng President President's Office
Daniel Torres Adjunct Faculty Business & Services Careers
Juan Torres-Perez Adjunct Faculty Oceanography
Reynaldo Torres Adjunct Faculty Accounting
Angela Tran Faculty Mathematics
Doriann Tran Counselor International Student Program/Counseling
Jennie Tran Sr. Division Administrative Assistant Library, Learning Resources & Distance Ed.
Thao Tran Adjunct Counselor SAS
Tuyet Tran Financial Aid Specialist II Financial Aid
Hung Trieu Faculty Economics
Christine Trombly-Christen Faculty ESL
Timothy Trotto Adjunct Faculty Sign Language
Isai Ulate Faculty Applied Science
Chandra Vanajakshi Adjunct Faculty Physics
Thong Vang Outreach/Recruitment Specialist Student Development & Activities
Carol Vasquez Program Coordinator Counseling
Lisa Vasquez Faculty Language Arts
Jacqueline Velazco A & R Assistant Admissions & Records
Jacqlyn Vetter Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Joseph Vigliecca Facilities Maintenance Worker Maitenance
Andrew Villalobos Information Technology Support Specialist CTSS
Nam Vo Reprographics Technician Reprographics
Jesse Votaw Faculty Real Estate
Dung Vu Interim Sr. Administrative Assistant Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts
Peter Vu Sr. Library Technician Library
Florence Wang Adjunct Faculty Health Services
Lucas Wang Adjunct Faculty Communication Studies
Thomas Ward Adjunct Faculty Construction
Katherine Webster Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Lisa Weiss Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Khalid White Faculty History
Allan Wilcox Adjunct Faculty Chemistry
Glenn Williamson Adjunct Faculty CIS
Solomon Wilson Academic Advising Specialist Kinesiology & Athletics
Zinnia Wilson Accommodations Coordinator/Test Proctor Student Accessibility Services (SAS) (408) 288-3170
James Winkler Adjunct Faculty Kinesiology
Raymond Woods Custodian Custodial
Yeheyis Workeneh Adjunct Faculty CIS
Stanley Wrzeski Adjunct Faculty CTE / Business & Service Careers
Christina Xydas Adjunct Faculty Communication Studies
Jordan Yee Librarian Library
Susan Zagar Instructional Support Asst. II Cosmetology
Mimi Zemmelman Adjunct Faculty Admin of Justice
Ana Bella Zuluaga Montero Faculty Biology