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Language Arts

Language Arts Division

Welcome to the Language Arts Division! Literature lovers, language learners, public speakers and speech makers, developing readers and writers, and certificate/degree seekers are among the diverse students who find the courses they are looking for in this division. The division is home to offerings in the following areas: Communication Studies, English, ESL, Journalism, Reading, the Reading and Writing Center, and World Languages.  


language arts department

Learn to communicate effectively on many different levels; public speaking, community engagement, group situations, cross-cultural contexts, persuading others, and work, family and love relationships.  In every Communication course, you will examine current communication theories and apply communication skills to your life.

You can choose from a wide variety of courses as well as a transfer degree program in English. Classes in composition, literature, creative writing and memoir writing are examples of the offerings in the English department.

Join us and learn English with people of all ages from around the world.  The ESL Program of San Jose City College can assist you in achieving your educational, employment, and lifelong-learning goals through instruction in English as a second language.

The ESL Lab @ San Jose City College supports all SJCC English language learners enrolled in a lecture class, not only ESL classes. We offer an ESL 508 (0-unit) free lab as well as 312L and 322L (0.5 unit) co-requisite labs to be taken with the 312 or 322 lecture class at the same time. We are currently offering both online and in-person services.


Learn all the steps to producing a college newspaper (The City College Times) or broadcasting your own show via the college's radio station (KJCC 104.1) through the study of mass media, newspaper writing and reporting, and broadcasting courses in the Journalism department. 

Your success as a college student depends on having the academic skills to succeed.  Expand your vocabulary and develop your critical reading skills essential for college success in the Reading department. 

Study a new language, prepare yourself for the global marketplace, and gain new perspectives in understanding cultures from around the world. The World Languages department offers language and cultural  instruction in American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish and Vietnamese.