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Marketing and Public Relations

What We Do

The Marketing and Public Relations department is dedicated to communicating SJCC's values of equity, opportunity, and social justice. The department is focused on increasing enrollment, improving retention, developing and maintaining the College's brand identity, and coordinating official communication to the residents of San José and our campus community.


A Work Request is important as it standardizes the submission process, promotes clarity and specificity, facilitates documentation and tracking, enhances efficiency and work flow management, ensures compliance and accountability, and supports effective communication and collaboration. It streamlines operations, improves transparency, and provides an organized experience for both requesters and recipients.

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A Brand Style Guide is a comprehensive set of guidelines and standards for maintaining consistency in a brand's visual identity and messaging. Its purpose is to establish and communicate how a brand is represented across different channels and touch points. The key benefits of a Style Guide include:

  • Ensuring brand consistency.
  • Enhancing brand recognition and trust.
  • Coordinating brand communication.
  • Facilitating collaboration.
  • Enabling brand extension and scalability.

It is a valuable resource for maintaining a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.

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A logo is a visual symbol that represents a brand and helps establish identity, recognition, and trust. It differentiates from competitors, ensures consistency, and creates emotional connections with the audience - crucial for overall success.

  • Block Logo - Used

     for general communication, outreach, promotional, and marketing purposes.

  • Official Seal -

    This is the official seal of San José City College. The use of this logo is restricted to diplomas and certificates, podiums, flags, banners and any other items or events that are deemed formal in nature.

Official Seal
Official Seal


  • Retired -

    The classic logo is retired and should not be used.

Classic Logo
Classic Logo


Dark Purple

Dark Purple
CMYK C 87 M 96 Y 40 K 44
RGB R 47 G 26 B 69
HEX 2F1A45

Light Purple

Light Purple
CMYK C 71 M 70 Y 10 K 0
RGB R 99 G 93 B 155
HEX 635D9B

Accent Yellow

Accent Yellow
CMYK C 0 M 23 Y 91 K 0
RGB R 255 G 198 B 39

The primary font holds great importance in design and communication as it contributes to brand consistency, readability, visual hierarchy, brand personality, recognition, user experience, and cross-platform compatibility. Choosing the right primary font is crucial for creating a strong and effective visual identity for the brand.

Primary display typeface

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, you can download the fonts at the included links.

Type Logo
Type Logo
NCAA Illinois Fighting Illini
Gameday Font
Gameday Font
NCAA Michigan State Spartans

We understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression in all your professional communications, and that's why we're delighted to offer a comprehensive selection of beautifully designed templates to elevate your business correspondence.

SJCC's Jaguar SPOTs (Student Pathway to Opportunity and Transfer) are part of the California Community College Guided Pathways initiative, which aims to remove obstacles to student success. The artwork is to be used when promoting SPOT. 

SPOT talking points are crucial for conveying key messages concisely, facilitating effective communication and understanding among stakeholders. Download your copy.

Full SPOT Logo
Full SPOT Logo

Discover Your Jaguar SPOT logo
SPOT Tag Line

Jaggy with Spot

Full SPOT Logo AlternateFull SPOT Logo Alternate

Discover Your Jaguar SPOT logo
SPOT Tag Line Reverse


SPOT Word YellowSPOT Word Yellow

Discover Your Jaguar SPOT logo
SPOT Tag Line Alternate


SPOT Campaign Summary

Click Here for PDF Presentation

The Outreach Materials/Support Request form allows you to specify your event's needs, whether it's a tablecloth, informational brochures/flyers, or giveaways, enabling us to tailor our support to your event's success.

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An accurate Employee Directory is crucial for efficient communication, collaboration, and organizational structure. It facilitates contact information, supports onboarding, clarifies reporting lines, ensures employee safety during emergencies, and aids in HR and administrative tasks. Please submit your approved final draft information at the link below.

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A photo archive is important because it preserves historical records, enables visual communication, preserves cultural heritage, supports research, enhances branding and marketing, and holds personal significance. It is a valuable resource for documenting the past, telling stories, promoting cultural understanding, and preserving personal memories.

San José City College, a non-profit California Community College, reserves the right to use photographs of students and visitors, age 18 and older, taken on our property and at college-sponsored events for marketing and promotional purposes.

To download the consent form PDF or to raise objections to the use of your photograph, please contact the Director of Marketing & Public Relations at 408-288-3163.

An event planning checklist is a crucial tool that provides structured organization and oversight for the various tasks involved in planning and executing an event. It helps manage tasks, deadlines, budgets, vendors, resources, and potential issues. The checklist fosters effective communication among the planning team, reduces stress, ensures quality, and aids in evaluating the event's success afterward. In essence, it is a vital tool for achieving a well-coordinated and successful event.

Download a useful checklist

Are you searching for a branded image you can use as your Zoom background? We've got you covered with our already-sized images ready for download onto your desktop. To save or download the backgrounds right click the image and choose save image as.


ccpro award 2023

  • First Place - College Website
  • First Place - TV AD or PSA

ccpro award 2022

  • First Place - Promotional Campaign
  • First Place - College Promotional Video - Long Format


ccpro award 2021

  • First Place - Best Application of a Statewide Campaign

ccpro award 2020

  • First Place - Best Application of a Statewide Campaign
  • First Place - Class Schedule
  • Second Place - Manipulated Photo
  • Second Place - Poster
  • Third Place - Magazine

ccpro award 2019

  • First Place - Catalog
  • First Place - Before & After
  • Second Place - Electronic Collateral
  • Second Place - Digital Marketing
  • Second Place - Online Newsletter
  • Third Place - Manipulated Photo

ccpro award 2018

  • First Place - Marketing Campaign


  • 2023 Gold Winner - Digital Video Ad Discover Your Brilliance - Landon Edmund
  • 2023 Silver Winner - Institutional Website
  • 2023 Bronze Winner - Digital Video Ad Discover Your Brilliance - Jorge Arellano
  • 2022 Gold Winner - Blog - The Roar
  • 2022 Silver Winner - Digital Video: Over 2 minutes - Against All Odds - The Olympic Heroes of City College


SERVICE AREA OUTCOME 1: Ensures that the College communicates consistently and effectively with the campus and external community, centered on how our quality academic and career education programs and facilities meet our mission and serve our community.

SERVICE AREA OUTCOME 2: Ensures the college is communicating using multiple methods to increase enrollment and improve retention.

Key Contacts

For Press Inquiries

Daniel R. Garza
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
(408) 288-3163

For Website Inquiries

Daniel Gutiérrez
Digital Design, Web & Marketing Coordinator
(408) 288-3198