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LGBTQ+ Pride Hub




San José City College is committed to our LGBTQ+ community of students and employees. We support and unconditionally protect the rights, freedoms, and equality of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Nonconforming, and Queer people.


San José City College routinely hosts training/celebration events to deepen understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and the adoption/implementation/enforcement of LGBTQ+ affirming policies that ensure the safety and educational achievement of LGBTQ+ students and employees

Campus Pride designated San José City College as an LGBTQ Friendly campus.


Safe Zone

San José City College is committed to offering equal opportunities and education for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

San José City College is taking action to enhance our LGBTQ+ campus.  If you would like to join our efforts, please email

Campus Pride Index Report

LGBTQ Development Plan