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Mission Statement

To serve SJCC students through a Black and Brown Latinx-centered holistic approach in a welcoming, humanizing, and validating environment. 

Vision Statement

At the METAS Center, we envision a dynamic space where Latinx-affirming events, student support programs, Summer Bridge, converge to co-create knowledge with SJCC students, guide them through college, and open doors to limitless possibilities. 




We encourage you to visit the METAS Center in the Multi-Disciplinary Building (Room M-104). Here, students have a welcoming and friendly learning environment. Our services include:



The SJCC METAS Center was established through a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant and is open to all San José City College students.

The Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Program (referred to as Title V: HSI) assists eligible Hispanic-Serving Institutions to expand their capacity to serve Latinx and low-income students.


Counseling Appointments

Sabrina and Yesenia, our METAS counselors, are here to support you meet your academic and personal goals.

Contact us to book your counseling appointment!


Call: (408) 288-3125

Text: (408) 753-5319 


Meet the Team

The METAS team is dedicated to supporting students succeed academically and professionally. Our aim is to provide students with a variety of tools to meet their needs and goals along their academic journey.
Metas Team

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