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METAS Center

mission statement

The mission of METAS is to serve and empower all our students through an education that is rigorous, supportive, and just. We, the METAS staff, believe that each one of our students is an agent of social change who, with the right support, will thrive as leaders, academics, research scholars, and global citizens.

To achieve our mission, METAS coordinates innovative instructional and support services available to all students on campus. This is made possible through collaboration with programs and departments across the SJCC campus and across institutions of higher education and public high schools.

Together, we aim to increase retention, successful course completion, and persistence towards completing a certificate, associate degrees, or university transfer requirements while disrupting the barriers that attempt to diminish our students’ educational and career aspirations.


We encourage you to visit the METAS Center in the Multi-Disciplinary Building (Room M-104). Here, students have a welcoming and friendly learning environment. Our services include:



The SJCC METAS Center was established through a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant and is open to all San José City College students.

The Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Program (referred to as Title V: HSI) assists eligible Hispanic-Serving Institutions to expand their capacity to serve Latinx and low-income students.


Sabrina and Yesenia, our METAS counselors, are here to support you meet your academic and personal goals.

Contact us to book your counseling appointment!


Call: (408) 288-3125

Text: (408) 753-5319 



Meet the Team

The METAS team is dedicated to supporting students succeed academically and professionally. Our aim is to provide students with a variety of tools to meet their needs and goals along their academic journey.


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