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A & R Forms

a & r Forms

San José City College's Admissions & Records forms streamline enrollment, admissions, and administrative tasks for students. They simplify class registration, transcript requests, and graduation requirements while maintaining accurate academic records. Designed for user-friendliness, these forms prioritize accessibility, enhancing the overall student experience.

Description — Other forms can be found at the Admissions & Records Office Forms
AB540 Exemption
California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request
AandR Forms
Change of Residency
Update your residency status
AandR Forms
Change of Status
Update your contact information and major/program
AandR Forms
Concurrent High School Enrollment (R-40)
Current high school students taking courses at SJCC. ALL signatures required before submitted
AandR Forms
FERPA Student Authorization Release
Consent to release school Information
AandR Forms
GE Certification
General Education Certification Request
AandR Forms
General Petition
To submit appeals for various matters: Excused Withdrawal, Drop after deadline, etc.
AandR Forms
Late Add Petition
Students who do not add or register for a class prior to the census day must complete a Late Add Petition Form, submit valid documentation of extenuating circumstance, and obtain faculty and division dean approval in order to be added to the course.
AandR Forms
Non-Credit Application
Students enrolling in NON-CREDIT courses ONLY
AandR Forms
Overlapping Class
Approval to register for two classes that have overlapping times
AandR Forms
Pass/No Pass Petition
Change a grade optional class to Pass/No Pass
AandR Forms
Refund Request
See important dates for deadlines
AandR Forms
Request for Release of School Information
Verification of school enrollment
AandR Forms
Transcript Request
See our Transcript page for more details
AandR Forms


Completed forms and/or documents may be submitted to: