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Fees & Refunds


UPDATE FOR Fall 2024!


All student fees are payable according to deadlines published in the schedule of classes (Academic Calendar). No deferred payments are allowed, and payment may be made through Self-Service Portal (formerly MyWeb)+. Personal checks are not accepted for foreign or nonresident tuition and fees.


​​​ Fee Type

Enrollment Fees (CA Residents)

$46 Per Unit

Tuition (Non-CA Residents & International Students) - Effective Fall 2024

$377/Unit + $46/Unit

Health Services Fee (Not Covered by CCPG Fee Waiver)

$21 Per Semester

Student Activity Fee (Not Covered by CCPGFW)

$5 Per Semester

Student Representation Fee (Decline Charges)

​$2 Per Semester

Parking Permits (Fall & Spring Semesters, without CCPGFW)

$45 Per Semester

Parking Permits (Fall & Spring Semesters, with CCPGFW)

$25 Per Semester

Parking Permit for Motorcycles (Fall & Spring Semesters)

$15 Per Semester

Parking Permit for Summer Session


Parking Permit for Motorcycles for Summer Session


For more information on parking click here.



 Transcript Fees (Get More Information Here)

Class Material Fees: Varies Per Class – Check the Schedule of Classes

Returned Check Fee

$10 Per Check
VTA EcoPass Fee
Students enrolled in 5 or fewer units
Students enrolled in 6 or more units

fees & Refunds

All fees are payable according to deadlines published in the schedule of classes. No deferred payments are allowed. Payment may be made by cash, check, traveler's check, money order, or Visa/Master card. Personal checks are not accepted for foreign or nonresident tuition and fees. Find Current Deadline Dates

All information relative to enrollment fees is subject to change as mandated by the California Community College Board of Governors and California law (State legislature). 

High school students taking classes for high school credit or college credit will NOT be required to pay enrollment fees for less than full-time enrollment. High school students who enroll full-time or more will be responsible for the full amount of enrollment fees.

Students may be eligible for a fee waiver if they receive certain benefits or assistance, or if their total income and family size meet specific criteria, or they demonstrate financial need on their financial aid application  CA College Promise Grant

Indentured apprentices fulfilling related instruction are exempt from enrollment fees. Proof of apprenticeship status will be required. Students should check with their employer to determine if they have a reimbursement policy.

Nonresident and foreign students are required to pay enrollment fees as noted under "Enrollment Fees" in addition to nonresident tuition. Personal checks are not accepted for tuition or fees. All fees are payable in full ten days following registration.
Education Code section 68075.6 grants an immediate nonresident tuition fee exemption to eligible Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders and refugee students who settled in California upon entering the United States.  This exemption is granted for one year from the date the student settled in California upon entering the United States.

This exemption applies to the following:


  • Iraqi citizens or nationals (and their spouses and children) who were employed by or on behalf of the United States Government in Iraq (Pub.L. No. 110-181, §1244)
  • Afghan and Iraqi translators (and their spouses and children) who worked directly with the United States Armed Forces (Pub.L. No. 109-163, § 1059)
  • Afghanistan nationals who were employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government or in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan (Pub.L. No. 111-8, § 602)
  • Refugee students admitted to the United States under Section 1157 of Title 8 of the United States Code.

The District provides a health program to assist students in health matters. The Health Services fee payable at the time of registration and is non-refundable unless the student withdraws from all classes before the census, or the District cancels all of the student's classes.

High school students attending classes on SJCC campus are required to pay Health fees. Classes which meet off campus, on Friday evenings, Saturday classes, Sunday classes, and apprenticeship classes are exempt from the fee.

Persons who rely solely on prayer according to a recognized religious group, upon presentation of a letter from their practitioner to the Vice President of Student Affairs, may have the health fee waived

Refunds are not automatic. Refunds must be requested by the student in writing.

Download a Refund Request Form
There is a $10.00 processing fee for all refund requests (California Administrative Code 58508). Refunds for canceled classes will be honored only if requested during the term in which the classes were canceled. No monetary credit is carried forward to subsequent terms.

Refunds for Enrollment Fees, Non-resident/International Student Tuition, Parking, Material and Health Fees will be made, minus the processing fee, for program changes and withdrawals from the College which are recorded in writing with A&R by census day. No refunds are made for reduction of the program after census day. For classes that begin after the normal semester start day, refunds will be granted if the withdrawal is recorded in A&R on or before 10% of the class is over. Refer to the term schedule of classes for specific deadline dates.

No refunds of any type will be granted until all other financial obligations to the District have been satisfied. Refunds normally take 6 - 8 weeks after the deadline to process and are mailed directly to the student.

Students may choose to donate refunds to the District Foundation for student scholarships or College support. Such donations are tax deductible. Textbooks: check with the Bookstore for refund policies on textbooks.

Students having overdue library materials will be charged a fine for the late return of materials. A hold will be placed on the student's record until overdue materials are returned or their replacement cost paid.

Students are responsible for clearing all obligations to the college. Students who do not clear all obligations will be denied further service by the college and District until obligations are cleared.

Students who have holds on their records will not be able to register for subsequent semesters.