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The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides one-to-one and online tutoring services in various subject areas.

Tutoring services are also available 24/7 through the online service NetTutor. Students can access NetTutor directly through Canvas or acquire access by emailing Chunhua Wang ( LRC staff are on hand to assist students with NetTutor use.

Please click the following button to access the current tutor schedules:

SJCC In-person and Online Tutor Schedules

For online tutoring sessions, please choose the subject, day, time, and tutor you would like to assist you and join your session by clicking the Zoom “Meeting ID” on the day and time of your session.


Ready to Get Started?

Certified Tutoring Support

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides one-to-one in-person drop-in or by-appointment tutoring sessions, up to 60 minutes per session, with certified peer tutors and subject-area instructors.

24/7 Online Tutoring

Access 24/7 tutoring through the online service NetTutor. Students can access NetTutor directly through Canvas or acquire access by emailing Chunhua Wang ( LRC staff are on hand to assist students with NetTutor use.

English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Support

The ESL Lab offers free individual tutoring with ESL instructors and peer tutors, group workshops led by ESL instructors, tech help offered by student assistants, online software for language skills development, and other resources to support English language learners taking any class at SJCC. The ESL Lab is staffed by ESL faculty, peer tutors, and student assistants.


The Learning Resource Center

The Tutoring Center supports various subject areas, from math and the sciences to business and foreign languages. The Tutoring Center also provides graphing calculators.

The Reading & Writing Center will help you with reading and writing assignments in any English-language course. In addition, the Reading & Writing Center will help you with MLA and APA document formatting, proofreading, job and university applications, personal essays and statements, and preparation for the Writing Skills Test (WST).

Both the Tutoring and Reading & Writing Centers provide:

  • In-person and online drop-in tutoring
  • In-person and online one-to-one by-appointment tutoring
  • Support for group and embedded tutoring
  • Support for online tutoring
  • Computer stations with internet connection
  • Instructional resources (such as dictionaries, handbooks, and textbooks)
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Center and Peer-Tutor Certification

The LRC's tutoring centers are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).  The CRLA is an international authority that certifies organizations and individual tutors who meet its professional training and review standards.

Online Tutoring

Online & Live Interaction Tutoring Available to All SJCC Students! 

​The SJCC Learning Resource Center (Tutoring Center, Reading/Writing Center, and ESL Lab) now offers online and live interaction tutoring sessions via Zoom to all SJCC students.

Sign up for a session today! Here’s how: 

  1.        Open the Schedule for all Tutoring Sessions
  2.        Choose the subject, day, time, and tutor you would like to assist you
  3.        To join your session: click on the Zoom “Meeting ID” on the day and time of your session
  • We recommend putting this information along with the Zoom Meeting ID into your calendar to help you remember when and how to join

Need help? Email us anytime: 

Please review the video for LRC online tutoring:


NetTutor Services

SJCC uses a service called NetTutor. All NetTutor tutors hold a four-year degree from an accredited college or university in the United States and have had substantial tutor training. Many of NetTutor's tutors hold advanced degrees.

NetTutor Subject Areas

NetTutor provides support for a broad array of subjects, including math, science, computer science, English, foreign languages, humanities, social sciences, and allied health fields. NetTutor is flexible. You can log in to ask a simple question or sign-up for longer one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Register for NetTutor

SJCC offers NetTutor to its current students free of charge. However, you must register to use the service. Simply click on the NetTutor Registration link.​ After registering, you will receive an email within 24 to 48 hours that explains how to set up your NetTutor account.

Review the video below for a NetTutor demonstration:

Embedded tutoring

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers embedded tutoring for various courses. In embedded tutoring, a tutor performs their tutoring duties in the classroom under faculty guidance to help students understand course concepts and enhance student engagement and success. Instructors interested in working with an embedded tutor should contact Peiman Gheibi at for the Tutoring Center and Evelyn Rojas at for the Reading & Writing Center.

Classroom Involvement, Early Alerts, and Outreach

LRC Embedded Peer tutors are embedded in classes up to 2 hours per week and available in the LRC for additional consultations.

The LRC embedded tutoring program implements an early alerts system predicated upon instructors using the electronic gradebook in Canvas. The Canva gradebook is the mechanism the LRC uses to determine when outreach services for students are needed. For example, a low score on an assignment would trigger an LRC outreach effort; an LRC coordinator would then reach out to the low-scoring student to schedule a tutoring session. An LRC coordinator would also collaborate with course instructors to ensure tutoring best practices and collect feedback on the embedded tutoring experience.



Qualifications of Embedded Tutors

All embedded tutors are also LRC peer tutors and have passed transfer-level courses with an A or B and have received an instructor recommendation to tutor. Additionally, they have been vetted for subject knowledge by LRC coordinators, have completed a semester-length LS 90 Tutor Training/Education course, and have a minimum of one semester's experience tutoring in the LRC.