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Assessment & Self-Guided Placement

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Please take the "Self-Guided Placement" using your high school cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).

  • Go to Self-Service and select "Self-Guided Placement" on the Student Menu.
Self-Service (formerly MyWeb) 

English as a Second Language   

If you have completed ESL courses at another community college, meet with a counselor online during drop-in hours. Schedule a counseling appointment today.


ESL Students Start Here:

Step 1: Apply to the College, if you are a new student, you must apply to become a SJCC student.

    1. If you plan to take Credit ESL classes: make sure you have submitted your CCC Application.
    2. If you plan to take only noncredit ESL classes, complete the Noncredit Application Form and submit it to

Step 2: Complete the ESL Guided Self Placement request form here.

Students need to complete the Guided Self-Placement tool from intermediate to advanced levels, including ESL 522, ESL 523, ESL 524, and ESL 527 courses. Guided Self-Placement tool includes listening, reading, and writing samples and exercises.

The other noncredit courses (ESL 500; ESL 510; ESL 511A, B, C; ESL 550; ESL 541; ESL 542) do not require the completion of the Guided Self-Placement tool.

For any questions, call (408) 288-3719 or email


Watch the video about AB705

Assembly Bill 705


AB 705 is a bill signed by the Governor on October 13, 2017 that took effect on January 1, 2018.