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Behavioral Commitments for Student Success

Behavioral Commitment - A promise to use a specific action, language or visual signal to make a student feel welcome and cared for.

Traditional (face-to-face) Commitments

Cross-Departmental Awareness
  • Wear name badges
  • Learn roles and functions of other departments and employees
  • Create & continually update an easily accessible resource for campus contact info
Warm Referrals/Handoff
  • Eliminate barriers by knowing where to send students.
  • Connect students directly with Campus Ambassadors
  • Call ahead or walk student to the location
  • Follow up to ensure the student reached their destination
Ten-Foot Rule
  • Identify students in need and reach out
  • Walk over and introduce yourself to students
  • Make a connection with students and offer assistance


Virtual Commitments

Cross-Departmental Awareness
  • Training to teach about other departments so students can be guided to the proper department for resources needed
  • Have access to a live document of “who to contact” for services as a cheat sheet
Warm Referrals/Handoff
  • Reach out to students in need via appropriate virtual modalities and initiate referral/handoff process
  • Include student information during the handoff process
  • Follow up with department and student to ensure a connection was made
Give Information Upfront
  • Provide your information upfront to students
  • Provide name and include picture during virtual meetings if unable to appear live
  • Be visible in video meetings with students and/or colleagues