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Communication Studies


Welcome to Communication Studies

Communication Studies courses are an essential component of your core General Education degree requirements.



Take classes with us and learn to communicate effectively on many different levels through public  speaking, community engagement, group situations, cross-cultural contexts, persuading others, and in work, family and relationships.  Our classes emphasize active learning and support the college mission for social justice.  In every Communication course you will examine current communication theories and apply communication skills to your life.


Department Contact

For more information contact Language Arts Office.


Communication Studies Student Learning Outcomes

  • Express and convey messages clearly for effective oral communication.

  • Demonstrate effective listening skills to comprehend  spoken messages, analyze information critically, and consider multiple perspectives.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of communication technology and its impact on human communication practices.

  • Participate in the civic life of their communities through public address, and civic engagement and involvement.

  • Respect and encourage freedom of expression and defend its centrality to the democratic process.

  • Apply interpersonal skills to create and maintain successful and beneficial social and civic relationships.
  • Apply creative brainstorming techniques in group communication and creative themes,introductions, conclusions, and visual aids within speeches.



Student Engagement:

Let Your Life Speak


SJCC Communication Studies Advisory Board

For more information about the SJCC Communication Studies Advisory Board, please contact Shelley Giacalone.