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Work Experience

Earn College Credit While You Work!

Watch the video on how working students earn college credit!



The SJCC Work Experience Program allows working students the opportunity to earn college credit for the time and effort that they spend at work to improve job skills and job performance. Students will soon learn that setting goals and writing job-related learning objectives can link what they learn in the classroom to what they learn at work.  In this program, no classroom time is required. Your workplace is your classroom.

  • Earn units toward DEGREE or TRANSFER
  • Save TIME– No classroom time required

Students can earn one unit of credit for each 75 hours (5 hours weekly) of paid work per semester or 60 hours (4 hours weekly) of unpaid volunteer work per semester. GWE is repeatable to a maximum of 6 units.


Five (5) hours = one (1) unit

Ten (10) hours = two (2) units

Fifteen (15) hours = three (3) units

Twenty (20) hours = four (4) units

Twenty-five (25) hours = five (5) units

Thirty (30) hours = six (6) units

 WORK EXPERIENCE  class is in the SJCC Class Schedule. 

  • find the 5-digit class/section number in order to add the section.
  • Match the number of hours you work to the number of college credits you want to earn this semester. 
  • Or send an email to for assistance.

Students are required to submit a new application each semester. Please send electronically to appropriate WE instructor.