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CARR Program

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C.A.R.R. Program

(Creative Activity Retention Response)


C.A.R.R. Program

This program was designed to address the academic needs of the student population attending San José City College.  As a student-athlete, your academic progress will be care­fully monitored by the C.A.R.R Program, with the goal of helping you remain eligible, as well as keeping you on track with your two-year Student Educational Plan (SEP). 

The C.A.R.R Program has mandatory study hall. Study hall is intended to maximize your study time by providing a monitored environment. It is not meant to be a replacement for attending class. Study hall is located in the Learning Resource Center. 

Study Hall attendance will be assigned by the each team’s individual Head Coach and the C.A.R.R Pro­gram Athletic Academic Advising Specialist. Daily attendance is reported to each team’s head coach, athletic advisor, and athletic administrators. 

You are responsible for signing up for Study Hall with the C.A.R.R Program Athletic Academic Advising Specialist before the first day of study hall each semester.


Your academic progress is care­fully monitored by the C.A.R.R Program. The C.A.R.R Program Athletic Academic Advising Specialist works closely with counselors, instructors, coaches, athletic administrator and you to make sure that you are making progress toward a degree or transfer program. 

Before the first day of athletic competition, you are required to have a two-year SEP on file in order to participate.



  1. Maximize the number of academic-units you are en­rolled in each semester. 
  2. Completing 12 units each semes­ter will not guarantee your eligibility or progress toward a degree.
  3. Plan on being enrolled in school year round. This means being enrolled for the fall se­mester, spring semester, summer session, and inter­session.
  4. Only take classes that count toward your degree program.
  5. Complete remedial and /or non-college coursework during your first year at SJCC.
  6. Once you have completed your general edu­cation requirements, enroll in classes that are prereq­uisites for your intended major.
  7. Confer with C.A.R.R Program Athletic Academic Advising Specialist to create your two-year SEP and to make sure you’re staying on track!

C.A.R.R. Contact

Location:  Jaguar Complex,  Room 113