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Transfer Path

San José City College provides great preparation and support for international students to transfer to a university to complete their bachelor’s degree. The courses offered at San José City College are equivalent to what freshmen (1st year) or sophomores (2nd year) would typically take at a university. International students may also earn an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) or earn university credit for transfer preparation courses taken at San Jose City College.  An experienced transfer counselor will assist students with developing an educational plan to reach their transfer goals.
In order to obtain an associate degree or transfer to a university, you will need to complete certain general education and major preparation courses. You may be eligible to transfer to a California State University or a University of California campus after completing a minimum of 60 transferable units and meeting other criteria. Our college also offers a transfer admission guarantee (TAG) to certain universities. The requirements to transfer to a private university may vary. For more information, please schedule a transfer counseling appointment in the International Student Program Office and visit the Career/Transfer Center.


Do you graduate or transfer this semester? 

Then you need to meet with a counselor who will provide you with the Graduation Petition Form to fill in.  You have to fill in the form by the beginning of the semester to be able to graduate on time.


Click here for the list of popular transfer programs.

We can help you find the perfect academic program. Please feel free to contact us for additional support.