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International Student Program - Changing Major

Want to Change Your Major?

Meet with an ISP Academic Counselor

Complete change of major form

To change your major you must meet with an ISP Academic Counselor and complete the "Request for Change of Major Form". Changes to your program of study must be reported to SEVIS by the ISP. Failure to report academic program changes including a change of major can put a student’s immigration status at risk. When the form is received and verified, an updated I-20 will be processed and printed to reflect the new major.

Associate Degree programs may take up to 3 years at SJCC. Certificate Programs vary in length. When you change your major the duration of your I-20 may be adjusted as necessary.

Steps to Changing Your Major

  1. Meet with an ISP Academic Counselor
  2. Submit Request for Change of Major Form
  3. Receive Updated I-20 from ISP
  4. Inform Admissions & Records of New Major

Contact Us

  • ISP Office - GE-118
  • Monday - Thursday
    9 AM - 4 PM PST
    10 AM - 1 PM PST
  • Mailing Address
    San José City College
    International Student Program
    2100 Moorpark Avenue
    San José, CA 95128 U.S.A.