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Meet the Team

meet the TEAM

You’ve come to the right place! We’re with you every step of the way - from application to graduation. The Milpitas Extension is committed to providing the quality environment, career, student, and counseling services.



Tiffany Rodriguez-Tran

       Sr. Division Admin Assistant

       Tiffany Rodriguez-Tran

  My name is Tiffany Rodriguez-Tran and I am the new Senior Division Administrative Assistant! I have served as an Outreach and Recruitment Specialist for Student Development and Activities at SJCC for the past three years.



       Michael Mooney

       Once I started my college education, I knew that I wanted to be in college for the rest of my life, and it was good fortune to do that as a professor or administrator over the past 30+ years. I hope your studies at the Extension will inspire you to work hard.






       Enrollment Services Coordinator

       Michael Castro

Introducing students to the best academic options at the intersections of college and career is my calling. I am interested in connecting with you to further discuss how we can collaborate and promote your academic endeavors.




       Academic Counselor

       Sandy Ho

       The tight-knit community at the extension is truly one of a kind. The students are all energetic and curious. I hope you all will be proactive in seeking out the resources and reach out to me to plan out the forward of your academic career!




       Student Assistant

       Jacky Thai

    My name is Jacky and I am a student assistant at the SJCC Milpitas Extension. I graduated from Milpitas High School in 2022 and I'm currently a first year college student at San Jose City College. I was first introduced to the extension when I was in middle school and made contributions to a mural with a group of friends. I plan to major in Psychology and I hope to transfer to a UC in Fall 2023. 



       Federal Work Study student

       Danah Cabales

       My name is Danah and I am a federal study student worker at the SJCC Milpitas Extension. I am 18 years old and in my first year as a college student in the San Jose City College. Currently, my major is in Liberal Arts. I found out about this position through being one of the  Milpitas Promise students.



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