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Concurrent Enrollment

About concurrent Enrollment 

San Jose City College offers various early college opportunities for K-12 students, allowing students to complete college courses. Concurrent enrollment students are high school students taking a class outside of their high school hours.

  • Enroll in college classes at their own accord
  • Enroll in open courses
  • Take up to 11 units for Fall/Spring
  • Take up to 7 units for Summer
  • Current high school students pay no tuition and enrollment fees
  • Student is responsible for any materials/textbooks


Steps to Becoming a Concurrent Enrollment Student

thumbtack icon  step 1: apply to sjcc

NEW Students: You must create an OpenCCC Account. Then you will be able to "Start a New Application" to SJCC.

Wait up to 72 hours for your application to be processed and you will receive a automated welcome letter with your 7-digit SJCC ID # via email. 

If you do not receive an automated email within 72 hours, please contact Admissions & Records with your full name, Date of Birth, and SJCC Confirmation #.

RETURNING students: If you did not attend SJCC in the last semester (not including Summer), you are considered inactive and must reapply as a new student by logging into your OpenCCC Account and submitting a new application.



thumbtack icon  step 2: schedule of classes

Refer to the Schedule of Classes to see what will be offered in the next term. 

  • Consult with your high school counselor and/or an SJCC counselor to find out what courses are being offered and choose what course(s) you would like to take.
    Pay attention to the start/end dates of each course, as well as the modality of instruction.
  • You must adhere to any prerequisite requirements.
  • Concurrent Enrollment students are not eligible to take PE courses.

Once you have decided which course(s) you are interested in taking, you will need to submit an official request to Admissions & Records as outlined in the next step.


thumbtack icon  step 3: R40 form

Concurrent Enrollment Students must submit a R40 Form in-person or online.

  • [R40 Form]: Fillable form available to print/download. Completed forms must be emailed to or submitted in-person at Admissions & Records. 

You will receive an email from SJCC with next steps. 

For students that are not in high school, please contact the Enrollment Services Coordinator at

thumbtack icon  step 4: single sign-on

Single Sign-On is an authentication method that allows students to sign in once and access all the important applications here at SJCC. Please take a moment to bookmark the Single Sign-On (SSO) page at My Apps

You will use your SSO account for the following:

  • Self Service (Student Portal: allows you to register/drop classes, check grades, request transcripts, etc)
  • Canvas (Classroom Portal: allows you to access your class, complete homework, tests, etc)

For any issues with your account, contact the ITSS Help Desk at (408) 270-6411 or submit a Help Desk Ticket online.

thumbtack icon  step 5: register for classes

Concurrent Students will register for classes via their Self Service Account. Alternatively, students may speak to Admissions & Records to register for their classes. 

  • After your R40 Form is processed and any prerequisites are cleared by an SJCC counselor, you will be able to register on or after your Priority Registration Date.
  • You can find your registration date on your Self Service account.
  • Register for your classes.
  • If you are trying to add a course after the class has already started, you will need to receive an Add Authorization by the instructor before you can self-enroll into the course.
  • Click here for steps to register for your classes.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our concurrent enrollment program is open to ALL students regardless of any district.
    Please note graduating seniors must reapply as a regular student starting from the Summer after graduation. 
  • Middle school students that are strongly recommended by an official at their school. 

Students not yet in high school are responsible for tuition, enrollment fees, textbooks, and all related material fees to the course. 

Students currently in high school do not pay tuition and enrollment fees. However, they are responsible for any material fees associated with the course(s) taken, such as textbooks, lab equipment, school supplies, etc. 

Take a look at classes offered at the Zero Textbook Cost Milpitas Extension campus! We loan all textbook and materials to you for the semester free of charge if course(s) taken are at the Milpitas Extension. 

If you see a balance due in your student account, please contact Admissions & Records to have this corrected immediately.

Exception: Middle school students may be subject to tuition fees.

Students can register for most open, college courses. You must adhere to any prerequisite requirements. Prerequisites will be verified through transcripts and/or any other documentation of completed coursework. Verification is done through a meeting with an SJCC academic counselor.

  • You can make an appointment here and fill out a prerequisite form here

Restriction: Concurrent Enrollment students are NOT eligible to take Physical Education courses.

We encourage students to consult with their high school counselor and/or family to determine what classes would be a good fit to take.

Please consult with your high school to confirm.

Yes! Any classes you take at SJCC main campus or SJCC Milpitas Extension will show up on your SJCC transcript and you will receive community college credit for completing the course(s).

You can request a copy of your official transcripts here.

Transcripts cost $4 per official copy, but the first two transcripts are free!

  • You can download your unofficial transcript in Self-Service. 

Yes! Undocumented students are eligible and more than welcome to participate. We recommend undocumented students to reach out to our staff for additional resources and support.

There is no additional paperwork for concurrent enrollment student until completed. 

During the Fall/Spring terms, concurrent enrollment students may take up to 11 units. For the Summer/Intersession terms, the maximum is 7 units

Students that petition to take more than the concurrent enrollment limit will be charged full tuition and fees for all courses enrolled in.


No. A college student's records are confidential and protected by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents cannot access student records without student consent, regardless of student's age. This includes information such as grades, class schedule, transcripts, communication with instructors, etc...)

We understand many of our students have family members that want to help the student during their time at SJCC. If parents reach out, we are happy to provide general information about policies and procedures here at our college but will refer them back to FERPA. 

We encourage YOU as the student to email our team if you have any questions or need support.


We want all Concurrent Enrollment students to be successful!

In preparation for your first day, we recommend gathering the following information:

  • Get your Class Schedule ready. Make sure you know what time your classes start and the location of each course. Check your email for any important information from your instructor.
  • Log onto Canvas. You should see the course(s) you signed up for on your Canvas dashboard by the first day of class.
  • Plan to arrive on time! The first day of classes can be crowded, so leave earlier than expected if you are coming to campus.
  • Assess the parking situation. SJCC Milpitas Extension offers FREE parking year round. Take a look at the campus map to get familiar with the SJCC Milpitas Extension! For students taking classes at the SJCC Main campus, parking will be FREE in the student lots for Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 semesters. Directions to SJCC Main campus can be accessed here
  • Pick up a VTA Eco Pass. Students can get a VTA Eco Pass for $6.50 per semester (5 units or less) or $11.00 per semester (6+ units). Stop by Admissions & Records at SJCC Main campus or at the Milpitas Extension to get your VTA Eco Pass.
  • Sign up for tutoring: It's free! More information can be found on the Campus Tutoring Center webpage.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team!


Contact Us

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