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Electrician Trainee

Electrician Trainee Overview

San José City College offers an Electrician Trainee program that prepares individuals for the increasing demand for skilled electricians in the coming years. As an Approved Electrician Trainee Partial Curriculum Provider, the college provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers electrical theory, practical skills, and safety procedures. The program combines classroom instruction, hands-on training, and fieldwork to prepare students for real-world electrical work scenarios. 

Requirements & Procedures for Admission and Registration

Department Contacts


To begin your journey as an Electrician Trainee, you have the opportunity to enroll in one or more of the following approved classes in the program: 

Air Conditioning (AIRC)
  • AIRC 121 – Air Conditioning Principles (4 units)
  • AIRC 122 – Refrigeration Principles (4 units)
Construction Technology (CNSTR)
  • CNSTR 102B – Residential/Commercial Wiring (3 units)
  • CNSTR 107 –Principles of Contracting (3 units)
  • CNSTR 116 – Estimating (3 units)
  • CNSTR 117 – OSHA Construction Safety Standards (1 unit)
  • CNSTR 118 – Project Management For Construction (3 units)
Facilities Maintenance Technology (FMT)
  • FMT 100 – Introduction to Facilities Maintenance (3.5 units)
  • FMT 104 – Electrical Concepts for Facilities Maintenance Technicians (2 units)
  • FMT 105 – Introduction to Industrial Electronics and Controls (2.5 units)
  • FMT 122 – Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers  (4 units)