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Digital Media Art

Welcome to Digital Media Arts

San Jose City College offers an Associate in Arts degree in Graphic Design, that features design principles and multimedia concepts as used in print media and digital media using industry standard design software and tools to produce contents for a Graphic Design Portfolio.



AA in Graphic Design

The primary focus of this program is the integration and application of design styles and elements as per the current industry, and the application of design elements in real-life projects. This degree will prepare students for transfer to an institution that offers a similar pathway. 

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Digital Media Art Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Apply an understanding of the components of graphic design and the principles of layout.
  • Demonstrate visual communications skills on graphic design projects utilizing industry standard software and basic design techniques.
  • Produce multimedia projects using images, videos, and animations through vector and raster-based software.
  • Create accessible and well designed websites utilizing basic design principles, art fundamentals, as well as web design specific tools.
  • Develop multimedia projects combining graphic design, motion design, visual storytelling, animation, effects, cinematic techniques and audio.


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Department Contact

  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Division
  • 408-288-3785