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Student Pathway to Opportunity and Transfer

Take a peak at your future by exploring the programs we offer to help you graduate in as little as two years. SJCC has degrees and certificates in eight major areas of study or SPOTs. We're sure you will find the right fit that meets your passion. EXPLORE THE SPOT MAPPER

Discover your Jaguar SPOTSPOT

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Explore Programs, Career, and Major Communities.

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Become a Jaguar today!

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Meet with an Academic Counselor.

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Why Are SJCC jaguar SPOTs Unique? 

32 ADTs
SJCC offer a wide variety of ADTs  – Transfer degrees with a guaranteed transfer to the California State University System (CSU).
60 Units
Transfer to a CSU with 60 units. That's half the units needed to earn a bachelor's degree in most cases.  We also transfer many students to the University of California (UC) System and many private universities.



What are the SJCC jaguar Spots?

Paw printBusiness, Economics, & Information Technology

Paw printHealth Care & Human Services

Paw printHumanities, Social Sciences & Education

Paw printIndustrial & Technical Careers

Paw printLanguages and Communication

Paw printPersonal and Career Exploration

Paw printSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)

Paw printVisual, Performing and Media Arts


How do we support students in the SPOT they choose? 

  • Mapped two-year schedules  
  • Comprehensive Education Plans  
  • Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) in many courses 
  • Zero Cost Groceries
  • Free Tutoring
  • A culture of belonging where all students are respected and valued 


Pillars GP

Guided Pathways

SJCC's Jaguar SPOTs are part of the California Community College Guided Pathways initiative, which aims to remove obstacles to student success. 

It is a way to advance equity for our students of color, first generation students, students from low-income backgrounds, and adult students. 

There are four pillars to Guided Pathways: 

  1. Create clear curricular pathways to employment and further education. 
  2. Help students choose and enter their pathway. 
  3. Help students stay on their path. 
  4. Ensure that learning is happening with intentional outcomes. 

 Read more about Guided Pathways here