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what you need to transfer

To be eligible to transfer to a four-year university/college from a community college, you must meet certain criteria. Following are the general transfer eligibility guidelines for most campuses. We highly encourage you to meet with a counselor to further discuss your transfer options as admission requirements and selection criteria may vary from campus to campus.

University of California (UC) Campuses

  • Complete 60 or more UC transferable units
  • Earn 2.4 + GPA in all UC transferable units
  • Complete 7 course eligibility pattern earning a “C” or better in each course
  • 2 UC transferable college courses in English composition
  • 1 UC transferable college course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning
  • 4 UC transferable college courses chosen from at least two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and physical and biological sciences.

Additional requirements (campus select major requirements, higher GPA, completion of lower division prep, IGETC…etc.) may be expected for admission to many UC campuses and/or select major.

California State University (CSU) Campuses

  • Complete 60 or more CSU transferable units
  • Earn a 2.0+ GPA in all CSU transferable units (2.4+ for non-resident)
  • Complete the “Basic Skills” courses with “C” or better in each course
    • 3 courses in English Language (Oral Communication, English Composition, and Critical Thinking)
    • 1 course in Mathematical Concepts
    • Complete minimum of 30 units of General Education Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental
    • General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (Exceptions may apply for high unit majors)Additional requirements (campus impaction requirements, higher GPA, completion of lower division preparation, etc.) may be expected for admission to some CSU campuses and/or impacted major(s). 

Independent/Private Campuses

  • Minimum Units Varies (from 24 to 60)
  • GPA Varies (2.0+)
  • Minimum Course Completion Varies
  • Please remember to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss your transfer options and develop a transfer plan. Planning is a key factor in meeting all transfer deadlines and requirements.