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Dual Enrollment


ALl About dual Enrollment 


  • All high school students in the Milpitas Unified School District can take San Jose City College courses as early as 11th grade as part of their high school program. Our program is designed to provide alternative pathways to college and careers.
  • Open to Adult Education Students who are in a GED program or a high school equivalency program at an adult school.
  • Dual Enrollment allows eligible students to enroll in college courses while attending high school, simultaneously earning college credit and getting a head start on their college career. 
  • We have developed three, 2 year pathways that allow students to graduate high school with at least 24 transferable general education units.
    • Technest Pathway: In collaboration with MIT and UC Berkeley, students in this pathway may earn up to 24 college credits including the 12 units required to earn the Emerging Tech Entrepreneurship certificate. Areas of instruction include data science, coding academy (computer science), the internet of things (IoT), and entrepreneurship.
    • IGETC Pathway: The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a series of courses that California community college students can complete to satisfy most freshman/sophomore-level general education requirements before transferring to a CSU or UC.
    • Education/Social Work Pathway: The education/social work pathway provides the opportunity for students to earn 24 college credits including the 12 units required to earn an Early Child Education certificate. In addition to immediate access to jobs in childcare & related facilities, this pathway provides a foundation for students pursuing a baccalaureate study in TK-12 education, family services, social work, & more.
  • Tuition, fees, and textbooks are included in our program.
For more information on how to get started, visit: Take a look at our Dual Enrollment Flyer for more information about the pathways we provide. 

Steps to Becoming a dual Enrollment Student

thumbtack icon  step 1: apply to sjcc

NEW Students: You must create an OpenCCC Account. Then you will be able to "Start a New Application" to SJCC.

Wait up to 72 hours for your application to be processed and you will receive a automated welcome letter with your 7-digit SJCC ID # via email. 

If you do not receive an automated email within 72 hours, please contact Admissions & Records with your full name, Date of Birth, and SJCC Confirmation #.

RETURNING students: If you did not attend SJCC in the last semester (not including Summer), you are considered inactive and must reapply as a new student by logging into your OpenCCC Account and submitting a new application.


thumbtack icon  step 2: schedule of classes

Consult with the MUSD Dual Enrollment Coordinator to discuss your pathway interest. 

thumbtack icon  step 3: Complete the R40 form

Dual Enrollment Students must submit a R40 Form in-person or online.

  • [R40 Form]: Fillable form available to print/download. Completed forms must be emailed to or submitted in-person at the Milpitas Extension.
    • Incomplete forms will NOT be accepted.
  • Students who desire to participate in Dual Enrollment must be recommended by their high school principal or designee.

thumbtack icon  step 4: single sign-on

Single Sign-On is an authentication method that allows students to sign in once and access all the important applications here at SJCC. Please take a moment to bookmark the Single Sign-On (SSO) page at

You will use your SSO account for the following:

  • Self Service (Student Portal: allows you to register/drop classes, check grades, etc.)
  • Canvas (Classroom Portal: allows you to access your classes, complete homework, tests, download unofficial transcript, etc.)

For any issues with your account, contact the ITSS Help Desk at (408) 270-6411 or submit a Help Desk Ticket online.

thumbtack icon  step 5: registering for classes

After your R40 form is processed, SJCC Enrollment Services Coordinator will register you in your dual enrollment classes. 

thumbtack icon  step 6: orientation

Prepare to attend mandatory Dual Enrollment Orientation towards the beginning of each semester held at the Milpitas Extension.


Benefits to dual Enrollment

  • Reduced time required post high school to finish a college degree.
  • Provides students with a supportive start to the college experience. 
  • Students and families save money on college tuition and textbooks (All Dual Enrollment materials, fees, including texts, are provided at no cost to the student).
  • Students have access to academic college counseling and advising.
  • Grades and credits are posted to both their high school and college transcripts (double credit).
  • Students may explore fields of study that help them decide on a major.
  • Students have access to courses currently not available to them in high school.
  • Students have access to tutoring, study groups, and other academic support. 




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Current high school students, grade 11-12. Please note graduating seniors must reapply as a regular student starting from the Summer after graduation. 
  • Students must receive parental/guardian permission and from their high school counselor to begin the process.

Dual Enrollment students are waived from any tuition and registration fees!

Course materials and textbooks are also covered.

If you see a balance due in your student account, please contact Admissions & Records to have this corrected immediately. 

We have developed three, 2 year pathways for dual enrollment students. Classes are predetermined for each pathway. 

Please consult with your high school for more information. 

Any classes you take at SJCC will show up on your SJCC transcript and you will receive community college credit for completing the course(s).

You can request a copy of your official transcripts here

You can download your unofficial transcript in Self-Service. 

Yes! Undocumented students are eligible and more than welcome to participate. We recommend undocumented students to reach out to our staff for additional resources and support. 

There is no additional paperwork for dual enrollment students too complete. 

We have developed three, 2 year pathways for dual enrollment students. Classes are predetermined for each pathway. Two classes are offered each semester for each pathway. 

Each class are typically 3 units each. 

Take a look at our Concurrent Enrollment page if you are interested to take more classes. 

No. A college student's records are confidential and protected by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents cannot access student records without student consent, regardless of student's age. This includes information such as grades, class schedule, transcripts, communication with instructors, etc...)

We understand many of our students have supportive family members that want to help them during your time at SJCC. If parents reach out, we are happy to provide general information about policies and procedures here at our college but will refer them back to FERPA. 

We encourage YOU as the student to email our team if you have any questions or need support.

We want all Dual Enrollment students to be successful!

In preparation for your first day, we recommend gathering the following information:

  • Get your Class Schedule ready. Make sure you know what time your classes start and the location of each course. Check your email for any important information from your instructor.
  • Log onto Canvas. You should see the course(s) you signed up for on your Canvas dashboard by the first day of class.
  • Plan to arrive on time! You must come to class on time as you do your typical high school periods.
  • Parking is FREE at SJCC Milpitas Extension.
  • Sign up for tutoring: It's free! More information can be found on the Campus Tutoring Center webpage.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team!

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