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Finance Committee


  • Become knowledgeable about the college budget
  • Review and update the process for the development of the college budget
  • Document and communicate the budget process and yearly timeline to all budget managers
  • Communicate information about changes or adjustments to the college budget to all campus constituency groups
  • Review district and college priorities, including:
    • Board of Trustees'​ Priorities
    • Chancellor's Priorities
    • President's Priorities
    • College Strategic Plan
  • Maintain an ongoing sharing of information and recommendations with campus representatives on the District Budget Committee
  • Review Accreditation Standards to ensure that the budget development process complies with the ACCJC Accreditation Standard III Section D
  • Ensure allocation recommendations are supported by Program Review
  • Ensure compliance with the SJCC Integrated/Strategic Planning model
  • Establish annual committee goals by the 2nd meeting of the Academic Year
  • Complete an annual self-evaluation as a committee by the end of the Academic Year
  • Report regularly to College Advisory Council on committee proceedings

The members of the Finance Committee will consist of the following positions:

3 Faculty                - Appointed by the Academic Senate

3 Classified            - Appointed by CSEA & Classified Senate

3 Administrators    - Appointed by the College President

3 Students              - Appointed by the ASG Council Chief

Budget Officer       - Ex-Officio  (non voting)

Each member serves on the committee for one full academic year at minimum, to ensure continuity throughout the resource allocation cycle. A quorum is defined as more than half of appointed members to the committee.
The Finance Committee will elect a chair and co-chair at the first meeting of each academic year. 

Committee members shall report to and from their respective constituency groups

The Committee may replace members who fail to attend three consecutive committee meetings without notice

The Committee does not allow proxy votes


  • Establish a timeline for resource allocation that aligns with Program Review, College Advisory Council, Strategic Planning and allows for feedback on the committee’s final recommendations
  • Inform all constituents of the Resource Allocation Timeline to ensure compliance
  • Evaluate, edit and adopt the rubric for evaluating budget justification requests that functions well with the campus and President's strategic goals
  • Review requests, prioritize budget recommendations, and submit to the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Associated Student Government by mid-March and  the College Advisory Council by early April
  • Post Finance Committee agendas and approved minutes for the campus community on the college website and the SharePoint page, in a timely manner
  • Align with ACCJC Accreditation Standard III Section D



Meeting Schedule

The Finance Committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the following Zoom meeting link