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Facilities & Safety Committee



Charge to the Campus Facilities & Safety Committee Document - rev. 3-19-18

The Committee is charged with making recommendations, on a semester basis, to the College Advisory Council ("CAC") for consideration by the President related to the following areas of concern:

  1. The Committee shall, upon learning or receiving requests, suggestions, or complaints, carefully discuss and consider the impact of such requests, suggestions, or complaints and make recommendations following established shared governance processes.
  2. Ensure the Emergency Preparedness Plan, training, and compliance are updated and ready for use.  The Chief of Police and the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services are responsible and accountable for its maintenance and proper execution and to liaise with the College President and Vice President of Administrative Services whom serve as the local Emergency leaders.
  3. Ensure that the level of preparedness of the College for health-compromising situations is updated and ready for use.  The Health Services Department is the primary department accountable and responsible in coordination with Human Resources and the Risk Management Office.
  4. Review, discuss, and recommend priorities for campus maintenance (preventive, deferred, or corrective) projects/initiatives as determined and in coordination with the Vice President of Administrative Services and the Facilities Manager.
  5. Review District Services' proposals and recommendations to ensure compliance with ADA requirements, determine any prioritization of such projects in coordination with the Vice President of Administrative Services and the Facilities Manager.
  6. Make recommendations on the temporary relocation, designation or utilization of space for campus programs as required by remodeling and/or construction projects, including parking lots, classrooms, labs, swing space, office space, athletic facilities.
  7. Review and make recommendations concerning the campus facilities master plan (FMP).
  8. Review and make recommendations on campus technology and its relationship with district technology plan, including recommendations for purchases, maintenance and replacement of campus technology.
  9. Review and make recommendations, prioritize, and allocate funding for bond projects or State funded projects as proposed by the College President and/or the Vice President of Administrative Services.


The CAMPUS FACILITIES, SAFETY AND TECHNOLOGY ("FaST") is established to ensure that the needs, concerns or issues occurring at San Jose City College or that could affect the College's Facilities, Safety or Technology are addressed. 


  • 3 Faculty - Appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 3 Classified - Appointed by the Classified Council
  • 3 Administrators - Appointed by the College President
  • 3 Students - Appointed by the ASG President
  • College Safety Officer - Ex-Officio non-voting
  • College Director of Health Services - Ex-Officio non-voting
  • College Facilities Manager (or Campus Designee) (Administrator & Voting Member)
  • District Chief of Police (or Designee) - Ex-Officio non-voting
  • Maintenance Supervisor (or Designee) - Ex-Officio non-voting

The committee will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair who are current acting members of the FaST Committee.  Voting of Chair and Vice-Chair will occur at the start of every academic year to allow time for constituency appointments.   Recommendations of the committee will be verified by vote, with a simple majority constituting a valid decision.  

Recommendations and resolutions are sent to be forwarded to the College Advisory Council.  The committee shall provide a written record of all meetings and decisions which will be available to any member of the college community at any time.

A quorum is defined as more than half of appointed members to the committee.


  1. Committee will meet the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 2:00 - 4:00pm online (see zoom link below meeting schedule) during the fall and spring semesters of each academic year.
  2. Committee members who accumulate two unexcused absences shall automatically be removed from the committee.  All committee membership removals may be challenged within two regular committee meetings and the removal can be reversed by two thirds majority vote.
  3. Meetings are open to all members of the college community.

Meeting Schedule

The Facilities & Safety Committee meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 2:00 - 4:00pm.

Meeting ID: 916 5965 0556

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