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Real Estate

real estate Overview

A career in real estate offers diverse opportunities, from residential and commercial sales to property management, investment analysis, and more. With a real estate education from SJCC, you'll be well-prepared to pursue a variety of roles in the industry.

The Business Division offers a one semester solution to meeting the California Bureau of Real Estate (CaBRE) pre-licensing requirements for two of the three required courses before an examination can be scheduled. Designed to be finished in one semester, these two classes are complete, intense, avoid duplication and prepare you for the exam.

Delivered in a Hybrid fashion consisting of 6 or 7 two hour in-class summary meetings with most of the work done online, you can manage your own time while you pursue this career path.

The program consists of a combination of the following two courses:

  • Principles of Real Estate:  An overview of the principles and economics of real property ownership and transfer, review of forms, terminology, and processes involved. This course provides an awareness of land use history, and economic, legal, social and political issues related to real property.  Recommended for home buyers, home sellers, property managers and anyone involved in housing related industries. This course is one of two required for the Real Estate Salesperson license, is a prerequisite for many other real estate courses, and is designed to be completed in conjunction with the other required pre-license course.
  • Real Estate Practices:  An overview of the operational methods of a real estate business. Emphasis is placed on the marketing activities of broker and salespeople. Agent/Client and Buyer/Seller transactions are used to detail all aspects of the merchandising of real property. This course is required for both the Broker and the Salesperson's license exam applicant, and is designed to be completed in conjunction with the other required pre-license course. 

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