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Political Science

A bachelor or professional degree in political science is a strong foundation for careers in local, state or national government, transnational governmental or non-governmental organizations, law, and business. Graduates also undertake graduate study in fields such as law, politics, labor and industrial relations, city management and urban planning, journalism, interest groups or social movement lobbying, and communication.

Department Contacts

  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts Division
  • (408) 288-3785
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  • Analyze the key concepts, theories and debates that have defined thinking about politics over time.

  • Assess the basic structure of the American political system and how some of its institutions, procedures, and actors function.

  • Compare the nature and general principles of the U.S.  Constitution with the California Constitution and their respective major provisions.

  • Describe the relationship of state and local government and the federal government today and explain the resolution of conflicts that led to that relationship.

  • Formulate the political systems of other countries and regions, and be able to delineate comparisons across respective political cultures.

  • Evaluate approaches to the study of the relations between countries and appraise the basic dynamics and development of the international system.