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Sheet Music on Piano Keys

Welcome to the Music Department

You can make music a part of your college experience and part of any degree program. Most music classes count toward general education requirements.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument? Want to dust off that guitar or piano and make music again but need a refresher? Classes are offered in classical guitar and piano. You can learn about music and culture in Music Appreciation: Jazz, World, or Western Culture, or you can learn to read and compose music in Introductory Music class. Join us at SJCC and make music!

For more information on Music courses visit the College Catalog.


Music Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Musical performance through study of applied idiomatic techniques on a musical instrument (or voice).
  • Participation in a musical ensemble.
  • Application of fundamental music theory principles through application and analysis.
  • Understanding the processes of music-making through contextual studies in Western culture and cultures around the globe.

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