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Laser Technology

 laser technology Overview

In the world of modern technology, precision and innovation are paramount, and the Laser Technology program at San José City College is your gateway to acquiring the skills that employers are actively seeking in this dynamic field. Our program offers you the opportunity to delve into the world of lasers, photonics, and optics, empowering you to embark on a rewarding career where precision, science, and technology intersect.

Laser Technology Program

Emphasis is placed on both theory and hands-on skills, so you learn the vital link between engineers' "blueprints" and their real-world implementations. You will learn how to install, operate, maintain, and modify laser/electro-optic systems throughout the Laser Program.

Our program is vital and relevant because it is continuously updated based on industry standards and in cooperation with our Advisory and Curriculum Committee chaired by Dr. Norman Hodgson of Coherent Inc.

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