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Stack of Three Books

welcome to the humanities department

In Humanities at San José City College you will study the many ways in which people from every period of history and every corner of the globe process and document human experiences.

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You can broaden your understanding of human expression, experience, and passion in visual and performing arts study, world literature, and interdisciplinary women’s studies.



  • Balance objective analysis with subjective response in formulating such interpretations through:
    1. recognition of form
    2. Expression of feeling
    3. Description of structure
    4. Examination of contexts
    5. Synthesis of content
    6. Interpretation of meaning
  • Students demonstrate knowledge in the interdisciplinary study of diverse cultures.
  • Students identify the key features of a text, artifact, or art object.
  • Students articulate their own values and beliefs and compare them with those of diverse cultures, identifying the relationships between them.
  • Students analyze source material and write a well-supported, clearly articulated 

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