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Esthetics Program

Facial Treatment

Welcome to Esthetics

The Esthetics staff at San Jose City College are some of the most passionate and well trained staff in Esthetics services in the nation.



In addition to teaching weekly classes, many of the full time instructors practice on the side as well. Enrollment in the program is accepted in either the Fall or Spring semester. Most students complete the program in two full semesters with an optional summer session.

The Esthetics Program is designed for full-time students only. Because SJCC is a community college funded by the state, we are able to provide this comprehensive education at a fraction of the cost of private schools. Students pay $46 per unit.

Students enrolled in the SJCC Esthetics Program have the opportunity to receive instruction in the areas of waxing, facials, back treatments, and makeup skills. After completing the program students can earn a Certificate of Achievement.

In addition, SJCC graduates acquire necessary skills and knowledge to pass the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology exam. To be eligible for the State license, students must successfully complete 600 clock hours in an educational institution approved by the Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology.




2100 Moorpark Avenue
Cosmetology Building, 2nd Floor, C202
San Jose, California 95128

You can park on Lot "H" when visiting the School of Cosmetology.  Please enter from the main double door, 2nd floor front desk for any program inquiries.

Campus Map


Esthetics Instructors

The Esthetics staff at San Jose City College has some of the most passionate and well trained professionals in cosmetology services in the nation.

With more than 20 years experience in the art of beauty, Yelena Lipilina is a lead instructor in the San Jose City College Esthetician Department. With teaching experience at the College of San Mateo and Miss Marty’s Hair Academy and Esthetics Institute, Yelena has brought warmth and humor to countless students. “My goal is to provide the highest possible level of training and inspiration to all students.”

After receiving a rich education including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pedagogy & Speech therapy at the University of St. Petersburg, Yelena was trained at the Wilfred Academy of Hair and Beauty Culture in New York. Additionally, she is a graduate Master Educator at Milady’s Career Institute and a prestigious Cidesco Diplomat. Yelena’s vast professional experience includes the legendary Elizabeth Arden Salon, Visage Medical Day Spa, Mr. Lee Salon and Spa, and Lancôme Beauty Institute. Her expertise spans stress-reducing facials, acne treatments, glycolic peels, lymphatic drainage massage, lash and brow tinting, facial and body waxing and treatments, and makeup. She was honored with the Outstanding Faculty Award in February 2007, by SJCC Associated Students Hall of Excellence.



  • All students need to be 18 of age prior taking State board.  
  • We do require 10th grade level or equivalent education to be consider for this program. 


Steps to apply:

  • Complete and submit program application to the Esthetics Program. This is separate from the general SJCC application for admission.  
  • Due to high demand for the program, the Esthetics Program maintain a waitlist of students who are interested in enroll into the program. You must fill out and submit to the Esthetics Program.  
  • Complete application can be emailed or mailed to: 


Esthetics Program  
San Jose City College  
2100 Moorpark Ave,  
San Jose, CA 95128  

If you wish for a tour before enroll into the program, please contact front desk at 408-288-3766 for appointment.  

Application are process in April for the Fall semester and October for the Spring semester. We will send out emails to all eligible applicants with instructions and deadline with your intent to enroll. Be sure to update the program with any change of phone, email and address.  

  • Complete SJCC application for admission and submit it either in person or online. To be eligible for admission, you must be at least 18 years old or have one of the following:  
  • High School Diploma 
  • General Education Degree (GED) 
  • High School Proficiency Certificate 
  • For further information about admission process, you can contact the following departments:  
  • Admissions and Records Office 408-288-3700 
  • Counseling 480-288-375 
  • Assessment (Placement Test) 408-288-3170 
  • Financial Aid 408-288-3741  

You will be notified by email about our mandatory Open House.  


Common Challenges for students

  • Students who are not truly passionate about a career in esthetics may find the academic commitment challenging.  
  • This is a full-time course for serious students with homework, projects, presentations, mid-terms and final exam.  
  • Students are only allow 3 absences of any kind, including illness per semester. 

Esthetic Program is an intense full-time program with a fast- moving curriculum that requires considerable student commitment. We strongly suggest to consider your personal and/ or work schedule before applying to the program. 


Esthetics Certificate Level 2


Spa Services

SJCC Esthetics Program is inviting you to experience skin care services and products from our professional skin care clinic operated by our students.
In addition to facials, our students also perform waxing, eyebrow arching, paraffin head treatment and daytime makeup application.
Appointment Times:
Wednesday & Thursday 6:00pm and 8:00pm
Saturday 10:30am and 12:30pm
Clients can call for an appointment :
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4:00pm – 9:30pm,
Saturday from 9:00am – 4:30pm.
Phone number:  408-288-3766
We look forward to serving you!