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We are proud to announce the Associate of Science -Transfer (AS-T) in Business Administration!  San José City College now offers the fastest and most effective way to transfer to a California State University (CSU).

With the transfer degree:

  • No longer will a student be confused by the various entry requirements of the different CSU Business schools.
  • Now, just 60 units, within the approved courses and the required general education courses, a GPA of 2.0 and you’ve made it!  Talk to a Counselor or Business instructor today about this great opportunity!
  • The Business and Workforce Development Division continues to focus on vocation training in Business.
  • The programs are designed for students who are planning to begin a business career, but don’t want to take the time to complete a Bachelor’s degree.
Are you stepping up to assume more responsibility? 
Getting promoted into a better job position, or planning on starting your own business?

These courses are designed to give you the boost you need and improve your confidence areas of specialization.  The programs below lead to either an AS Degree in Business or a Completion Certificate.

  • Entrepreneurship: Are you trying to start your own business? This program focuses on the “how to”.  Built on the foundation of a Business Plan, you will learn how to acquire funding and develop management and marketing skills to move forward with a small business. 
  • Management: Consider the ever-changing business environment.  Here you will learn the fundamentals of management, human relations, leadership, marketing, and the impact of international diversity.  Career options could be an entry level supervisor in virtually any kind of business.
  • Marketing: In the competitive business environment one skill remains constant—the ability to market.   Designed for entry into an exciting career, completion will allow you to seek employment in marketing or sales in a variety of domestic and international businesses.  Career opportunities would be in marketing, product research, account management, and retail sales.     






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