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Admin of Justice

Gavel and Documents

Welcome to the administration of justice program

In the Administration of Justice program, you can learn about the functions and relationships of the police, prosecution, courts, probation and correctional systems of the United States. 


The Administration of Justice program offers practical and technical instruction designed to meet the increasing demand for criminal justice system employees and provides opportunities for current employees to upgrade their skills. You can choose specialized courses in areas related to your own professional and academic interest. 

You may select from courses in criminal law, legal aspects of evidence, criminal investigations, community service officer training, court operations, and more. An associate degree or certificate earned at San Jose City College may lead to career opportunities as a city police officer, deputy sheriff, highway patrol officer or correctional officer.

Some supporting career opportunities include dispatcher, corrections officer, community service officer, crime scene investigator, and careers in the court system.

For more information about administration of justice visit SJCC Catalog

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how the U.S. Constitution applies to the actions and conduct of peace officers.
  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing the results of analysis and understanding.
  • Develop a plan to achieve a career in their desired area of the criminal justice system.
  • Recognize elements, classifications and definitions involving crimes against persons and crimes against property.       
  • Reflect critically on developments in the criminal justice policy and the relationship of these policies to the wider political and social environment.

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