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Middle College


Middle College

SJUSD Middle College Program



San José Middle College is an advanced program for juniors and seniors who take 2-3 free college classes and 4 high school classes on the San José City College campus. Students earn a high school diploma while at the same time accumulating transferable college credit towards community and 4-year universities.

We are administered by San José Unified School District under the Learning Options Department, with a close relationship with San José City College and its administration. Our students have been accepted into all major UC, private, and state universities. While at Middle College, students and staff help form a close community that focuses on respect, support, and both personal and academic achievement.

Come and build a community in a small cohort of juniors and seniors

Middle College at SJCC accepts juniors and seniors who build a safe learning environment where we support each other in order to achieve goals for the future. There are two teachers and a part-time counselor, and our aim is to help each student shape an educational environment that is interesting and empowering.


Student Responsibility

High School Classes: Students will take all high school courses on the SJCC campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

College Classes: Students will be enrolled in 6-9 credits of college coursework. They are responsible for attending class regularly and for all communication with their college instructors. San José Unified School District behavioral guidelines apply to this program. They are further outlined in the Parent / Student Handbook.


Admissions Requirements

Middle College Application Process

Students will complete and deliver the application documentation to the Middle College office at SJCC in the Business Building, B-107.

 Application documentation needed:

  1. Administrator Recommendation
  2. Teacher Recommendation (core subjects only)
  3. Parent Questionnaire
  4. Student Questionnaire
  5. Unofficial Transcript
  6. 504 Plan (if applicable)


Lisa Canton: or at (408) 298-2191 ext. 3996


David Clark:

Jennifer Nestojko:

Take A-G classes as well as free college classes

Students take high school core and enrichment classes on the SJCC campus; they also take SJCC college classes. A 3-unit college class translates into 10 high school credits.


Maintain a connection with your home high school, if desired

Students from SJUSD can still play sports, join clubs, and go to school activities at their home high schools, if they so desire and if those activities do not conflict with their classes.


Take courses that enrich your learning experience and set you on the path to your future!

Embedded into the Middle College enrichment courses are workshops on career and college success, as well as life skills. SJCC classes offer a wide range of subjects for student to take and experience.