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Welcome to the history department

Simply put, you study history order to fully understand the complexities of this modern globalized world. Every person has a history and to truly know them we must know their history. 


Why Study History?


To know and learn from history you must go far beyond the simple memorization of dates and events.  You will develop critical thinking skills, learn to write persuasively, and increase your cultural awareness.  These skills are the foundation of any profession.  The study of history can lead to professional fields such as law, business, government, foreign service, journalism, and teaching. 



HIST 001-Survey of American History

HIST 002-Survey of World History

HIST 009-Women in American History

HIST 010A-Development of Western Culture

HIST 010B-Development of Western Culture

HIST 011A-World History to 1500

HIST 011B-World History From 1500

HIST 017A-History of the United States

HIST 017B-History of the United States

HIST 021-African American History

HIST 024-History and Culture of the American Indian


History Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Recognize the distinction between primary and secondary sources, understand how each is used to make historical claims.

  • Recognize the Connections between the Past and Present; that is, locate both self and others in time and space.

  •  Acquire familiarity with the uses and the limitations of historical comparison as an analytic tool.

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